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South Wigston Christmas Capers

Christmas Candles Demo.

Hello to you all, firstly let me wish you all a very happy and healthy new year, lets hope its a good one.

I always think, new year is a new start a new  beginning. I look forward to  painting who knows where I will be, and what I will be doing.  All I no is I am looking forward to it.

I would just like to start by letting you know about the South Wigston Christmas Capers I attended during December. Here I demonstrated a painting called Christmas Candles.

What a good day it was.  After parking and unloading the car which was a bit of a task and then setting up. The show began at 2 o’clock so I had to get a move on.

There were smells of Christmas and  the sound of Carols. There were children running round all so very excited.  It was really lovely such a great atmosphere.

Christmas capers  was well supported with, lots of people all enjoying the various events that were laid on.  There were of course the usual food stands selling Christmas food as well as other food. Not forgetting the fun fair for the children and of course you know who was there. Yes you guessed it Santa himself.

There were birds of prey and penquins and of course all the different craft stalls. Of which mine was there among the many others.

Then I thought I would paint a Poinsettia it was Christmas after all. So  I started to draw out very roughly  where I wanted to put my Poinsettias.Then I thought I might add a candle or two and even a Christmas bauble.  It was a while before I could really get on with the painting as I had a lot of interest in what I was doing. At last the drawing was done all be it very roughly then I got on with Painting. There was lots of interest in my workshops.  I sold a painting which just topped it for me.

Christmas capers is certainly one I will go to next year, It seemed to be like the old Christmas markets of old.

Christmas candles

Christmas Candles




Adding a Border to your Work

Today is just a brief note on how to enhance our paintings by using a border.  Borders can be made from all sorts of different materials; last month I showed you how to use Gold leaf and how that can add glitz and glamour to your painting and today I would like to look at other ways of making a border for your paintings.

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spring flowers Bluebells

Teach me to paint by Paint with Ray

Teach Me To Paint is the subject of my November Blog….

In this blog I would like to share with you the method I use to paint my pictures so that you can see how easy it is for to create your very own masterpiece – even for those folk without any previous experience of painting or drawing.   I use the unique ‘Bob Ross’ technique, which involves painting wet oil paint on top of wet oil paint, or ‘wet onto wet’ as it is more commonly known.  Painting in this way is an absolute joy –  your painting develops quickly and gives you some wonderful effects.  In this blog I’m going to concentrate on landscapes.

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May Blog – Creating Depth and Distance

Hi today I would like to talk about a subject that I found most difficult but after some tuition I understood it better. That is depth and distance, how to create depth and distance in your painting. This subject I could spend a long time on but I will try and keep it short

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April’s Blog – Reference Photos

Welcome to Paint with Ray’s April Blog all about using your own photographs as reference. Hi, I have often heard folk say “what can I paint” or “I don’t know what to paint”.  Well, I would like to give you a few ideas… why not paint from your own photos using them as reference for a new painting subject, which can be lots of fun.

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Arts and Crafts

Hello everyone,
Well we are well into March now and Mother Nature is starting to show us her beauty, so now is the time to get your cameras out and get your paint brushes ready, go out and take some lovely photos of Mother Nature as she unfolds.  The next step is to add these pictures to canvas and using the Bob Ross method I know you can do this very successfully, creating beautiful paintings of beautiful snowdrops and daffodils.  I don’t think there is anything better than having your own reference photos.  You can enlarge them to fit your canvas and watch a simple flower become a beautiful painting that you’ll be proud of and want to display on your wall at home or give to as a gift.

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Paint With Ray Craft Fair

Fleckney Craft Fair

Come and see us at the Fleckney Craft Fair on 20th February. I will be doing two demonstrations : A floral design in the morning and a Landscape painting in the afternoon. Why not have a go for yourself? ”anybody can do it” So come and see us for some fun art demonstrations and try something new.

Paint with Ray at Great Glen Wheelbarrow Race

On Saturday 5th September 2015 Paint with Ray appeared at the Recreation Ground, Bindley’s Lane, Great Glen.