Cerus Flower My Demonstration for the W.I

Cerus flower demonstration I really enjoyed this one.

It was in February of this year I gave a demonstration at a W.I here in Leicester. Which I found to be great fun. The evening started around 7-30pm.  After all of the notices were read out I was left with an hour to produce a painting. They had asked for a floral painting, so I decided to paint on a black canvas and a pale pink flower. The black canvas can help you enormosley especially if time is a factor. As you have most of your darks already in at the beginning .It took about 55 minutes to paint was a bit of a rush I must confess.

The room was full I would say 30 pluss laddies, it was quite a daunting task but they made me feel at ease and made me very welcome.

I started to paint questions were soon coming from the audience I tried my best to answer them. They seemed very interested in my painting. I was telling them that it was the Bob Ross technique  which would work for anybody.

At the end of the evening people were asking about my classes and my workshops, and taking flyers that helped promote me. Also at  the end a lady came up to me saying I could not take my eyes of your painting and said to herself where is this person going with this painting. It looked so rough and in her words a mess. But then suddenly she said the flower burst into life and ended up as this beautiful painting. I thought that was a lovely thing to say. If you fancy it have a go I would love to know how you get on with this Cerus flower.

Cerus flower

Here is the painting I did still a bit to do I think this is my link for my website.