Environmentally friendly Clean up with Paint with Ray

Environmently friendly Clean up

Hi well we are into February now and Spring is just around the corner, and I will soon be starting my shows for 2017 which I am really looking forward to.
But today I thought we would look at a subject that is very close to my heart, and that is how to look after your brushes. There are lots of ways to do this, but I will  only tell you about the one I like. Which is also kind to our environment which is very important to me. There are lots of products out there which work.
My self I am trying to get away from using thinners, even if you can’t smell it the fumes are still there. I can’t think of anything worse at clean up time and the smell of thinners or turps. So I thought of going down the environmental path which  I think this is much nicer to use.
This is very important to me as most of my life I have spent  Dairy farming so I feel very close to the environment.
I have been using this method of cleaning for a while. It is much more pleasant to use than using thinners. It does not seem to have an adverse effect on my brushes.
My clean up is the receipe is. I very kindly got this from Alexander art thank you.

    1  one third cheap sunflower cooking oil
    2 one third cheap washing up liquid although a better and dearer washing up liquid  could be used, especially if you have got some very dirty brushes.
    3 one third water Shake well to mix it up, then you are ready to clean your brushes.
  •  What I do after i have cleaned my brushes I coat them in baby oil. Then I squeeze them reasonably dry using paper towels and reshape them and then lay flat ready for next time.  After clean up, and you mixture is worn out, it can go in the bin.
  • hope this has helped

Happy painting


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