How I would Paint a flower part 1 with Paint with Ray

             How I would paint a flower  Part 1

How to paint a flower many people ask me that question. Well in this and another newsletter I will try and show you how I set about painting a flower. There are many ways to paint flowers but this is how I do it. First find yourself a good quality photo of the flower you want to paint. Then decide on a background to put your flower against. Usually an out of focus background as the flower is the star of the painting. I usually say for your first painting try a poppy as it does not have to many petals. Petal placement can be a nightmare so I would say a poppy is a good place to start. We can move onto a rose later.
Starting with the background I would mark out where I wanted my poppies to be. Then i would make my canvas wet except where the flower is to be. You need keep that part dry for now. First cover the canvas with a thin coat of  white paint. You can add colour to that making a soft blended back ground. Once this is done and you are happy with your background you can start and add some greenery. Not leaves as such  but only a sergestion and  not all over. If you do that it will look as though your flowers have been cut out and stuck on. After you have added your greenery blend the edges out with a very soft blender brush. Now its time to add our leaves again don’t put them all the way round the flowers leave some gaps it will look more realistic that 1                                          Photo  2          

Note the soft back ground and the blended green area. We don’t want any hard edges we blend the green into the back ground photo 1. This is how I start every flower painting note the two oval unpainted areas. This is where my flowers are going to be. In painting 2 you can see where I have added some more leaves in.  I will add more at the end of the painting If I think they are needed.
In my next News Letter I will speak more about how to form the flowers themselves. Creating the shadows  and finish the painting off with our detail. This detail will really bring your painting fully to life.

Happy painting