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How to decide what to paint

How to decide what to paint. Some times its very hard to start painting and even more what to paint. I find there are usually two main reasons for this. You could be tiered I know this from experience. Tiredness does not help and even if you get started it usually doesn’t go well. Then you feel that this has been a waste of time. This will tend to put you back even further.  You could have things on  your mind thoughts whizzing round all the while that also doesn’t help the creative process.

There are many reasons why we fall at the first hurdle. The main reason for me is staring at a blank canvas. This really does put me off painting. The first few reasons I can’t really help you with, but he blank canvas I certainly can. I know its best to paint on a white canvas as this helps your painting shine through when the light hits it. But for me this is not a good thing.

I get round this by painting my canvases with Acrylic paint first. Then I add my oils starting with the white base coat. I coat the canvas with white [here we go again with that white word] Gesso and to this I add a little french ultramarine or an ochre colour, but only a little. As I want my canvas to remain light. But I find that that’s enough to get me painting. Once this is dry I can add my oil base coat which is usually white to the canvas. Then I can start painting using my oil paints.

The other thing you have to think about before you cant start painting is.

You can’t decide what to paint. Shall I paint a Landscape a flower or what ever. These few suggestions that  help me. First I have to decide what to paint. I find looking through my reference photo’s is a help. Then say you decide to paint a landscape that’s great. Then you have to decide the time off year are there any Mountains in your picture any clouds  and which way the sun is going to shine on your painting. Decisions decisions its a wonder that we ever get painting anything at all. Another thing that I use is my sketch pad. Here I can sketch  my paintings out very roughly altering them as I go. I find this helps me decide where things are going in my painting. I find I can alter them until I have it how I want it.

If you have ever been in this situation try this I hope it helps you. I have found it helps me.

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