How to stop making mud in our paintings

     How to stop making mud in your painting

How to stop making mud  Good evening all over the past years people ask me how do I avoid making mud in their paintings. I guess we have all done that at some time during our painting life. I know its not easy to avoid when we are using oil paint.

One of the best ways I have found is firstly be careful of how much paint you put onto your canvas. Use as little as you can. If you can use top quality paint this will help you achieve this. Because there is so much pigment in the paint you don’t need to use much of it.

The other way of not making mud is to be prepared to wipe some of the thick paint off. If you do this before you paint over it.  A good example of this is where you have mountain is covered in thick white snow. Say on your mountains and you want to paint over it. This I can promise you will make mud. So what I suggest you could do is to very carefully wipe the thick paint off. Where the tree is to go but you must paint over that area. Now you can add in your tree knowing it wont make mud.

This always seem to happen when you have made a good job of the painting.  You are worried about spoiling it.
These are just two ways of making sure you don’t make mud in your paintings I hope this has been of some help for you.

By wiping the thick colour off this will help. You are only taking off the thick oil the pigment will remain on the canvas.

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