Learn how to Paint with Paint with Ray

Hi everyone you know you’ve always had it at the back of your mind I would like to paint. Well now you can I can teach you the wet on wet method of painting. In just one day on my workshop I will teach you all I know about painting using oil paint.

Many people that have come to my workshops have said that they have always wanted to do this. Or they have had it on there bucket list of things to do. My workshops are from 10.am to 4 pm. In that time we will start a painting and finish it in that one session. All of my workshops cost £45-00 and all of the materials are included. The only things you would need to bring with you is your lunch an apron and some paper towels.

My aim is to pass on what I have learnt over the years. So you to can enjoy this fabulous hobby and create wonderful artwork. Anyone can paint like this and once you have learnt this technique  you can paint anything.

The image I have posted is the sort of things that you will be able to do. Please take a look at my website where there are many more paintings to choose from . Take a look and see what you would like to paint. If there is nothing you would like to learn then please give me a ring. I will try to fit in with you so you can learn this way of painting.