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Hello everyone,
Well we are well into March now and Mother Nature is starting to show us her beauty, so now is the time to get your cameras out and get your paint brushes ready, go out and take some lovely photos of Mother Nature as she unfolds.  The next step is to add these pictures to canvas and using the Bob Ross method I know you can do this very successfully, creating beautiful paintings of beautiful snowdrops and daffodils.  I don’t think there is anything better than having your own reference photos.  You can enlarge them to fit your canvas and watch a simple flower become a beautiful painting that you’ll be proud of and want to display on your wall at home or give to as a gift.

I attended Fleckney’s art and craft show on the 20th of February where there was lots of interest in a painting demonstration I held there of painting a flower onto a black canvas. These paintings are very different and I do suggest you have a try because will be amazed at the results.
If you look at the painting I’m showing below in this newsletter you can clearly see the dramatic effects of using this unusual technique.  Here’s some basic instruction on how to prepare your black canvas:

First, start with a white canvas then paint it black with black Gesso paint; you may need to give the canvas two coats, then let it dry completely.  Once your canvas has dried, cover it with a very thin layer of painting medium such as linseed oil.  Then gently wipe most of the linseed oil off using paper towel.  Doing this will leave a very thin coat behind, and on which you are now ready to paint. If you want an even more dramatic painting then first coat your canvas with transparent colour, for example the blue in the sky, then start your painting using only white paint.  Swirl the brush around in the sky and see what happens!  It makes a very dramatic effect and you will be creating skies so different you will want to do this many times over. Have a go and let me know how you get on, but most of all have some fun.


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