Recycling Your Old Frames with Paint with Ray

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Recycling your old frames make them look like new. Art is a beautiful hobby and is there for everyone to enjoy. That said it can also be an expensive hobby. Well I mean its not just the canvas or the paper that you use or even the paints that you use. It’s the time when you create a beautiful picture and you would like to sell it or at least try and sell it. Say it needs to be framed the cost of that could well stop you realising your dream. Well I am going to show you how to get round that cost. It was by accident that I came across this. I was in that position I wanted a frame for one of my paintings and couldn’t afford one. So it came to me that I had some old frames but they were looking a bit worse for wear. So I decided to recycle them the frame I had in mind for this was sound but a horrible colour. It was a mustard yellow so I painted it with burnt umber acrylic paint which seemed to drag over the surface and not spread evenly. I let it dry and then had another go at painting it, the same thing happened again the paint just dragged over the frame. By now I was about to give up but then I thought I would varnish the frame. Well what a good move that was. I used clear varnish it really transformed my frame. and is now in an exhibition and looks fantastic. So my point is you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy your art, just make do with what you have.

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