Rose painting using oil paint


        My trip to Gloucestershire to paint flowers
and to teach bob Ross class’s.

Rose painting using oil paint.

This is a trip that I have been looking forward to for some time now. I want to have a go at painting Roses the really open sort.  I want to learn to get looser with my floral paintings. So with this in mind I am going down to Gloucestershire to paint with Karen Underwood who is a fantastic artist.

Also I was teaching the Bob Ross method to a gentleman from Spain while I was there with Karen. His wife was  painting flowers with Karen. The idea is I paint one day using Bob Ross method with Len  and one day with his wife and Karen  painting flowers.

Well as you can imagine as the time got closer I got a little more nervous on meeting these two from Spain. Well I need not have worried we met on day one and hit it of straight away. They were a really lovely couple and I very much enjoyed my time with them. I thought that Len had made a really great job with both of his paintings.  I was teaching in Karen Underwood’s studio. Karen was teaching how to paint flowers and I was teaching the Bob Ross Technique. Karen is a fantastic teacher I really enjoy painting with her.

  • Well we started on day one I asked Len if he had a painting in mind that he would like to do. He said he was not bothered just the typical Bob Ross scene, So we made it up as we went along. This I always find is a fantastic way to paint.
  • With this in mind we decided to paint a summer scene and a daylight scene the rest came as we went on. We would start with the sky then we would add our mountains and the water all as we went on. It was a great days painting and we had such a laugh.
  •     On day two I painted with Karen her brief was I did not mind what I painted I just wanted to be a little looser. This was another great day for painting but also such a fun day as well.
  • On the third day I was teaching Len again, and again we made it up as we went along. We painted a snow scene which also was another very enjoyable day. All in all a very good 3 days painting and lots fun and two new friends. Can’t wait to do this again thank you Karen for the hospitality and great instruction you gave.


 This is my attempt at painting a open rose