How I would paint a Still Life with Paint with Ray

  How to paint a still life

How I would paint a still life. Still Life well this is a subject that I have never wanted to do. Its also a subject that I knew nothing about what the procedures were in making a still life. This meant I would always skip by still life it didn’t interest me at all.
One day I was in my studio did not know what to paint. So I stuck to what I knew best Landscapes. Well that didn’t work for me either.  I just got a cloth and wiped it off smudging all the different colours together. It looked a right mess and I was just about to scrape the paint off so I could reuse the canvas for something else when. I looked at the canvas and thought that makes a great background for a flower. I don’t know why but I started to paint a still life my first ever and I didn’t know why I was doing it I had not got a picture to follow. This was amazing for me, but I was really enjoying it.  Completely out of my comfort zone but I carried on with it.

Gradually it was coming together. I was always looking at it and thinking what else do I need to add. I did add more but decided that less was more. Your views are very welcome.
I think that it has taught me not to limit myself. Just because I had never done this before shouldn’t deter me from trying. It may not be the best still life ever but I so enjoyed it. It will be something I do more of in the future.