My first video of a very happy painter

Video of the finished results of one of my workshops Waterfall in  the Glen. This person had never painted before. I thought he made a fantastic job of it. We were using the wet on wet technique when painting in oils.

We first prepared our canvas and then painted our sky and any clouds that we needed in the painting. In other words we started at the top of the canvas, and worked to the bottom, and at same time we work from the back of the canvas to the front. In the preparation of this canvas we first painted it black with black Gesso which is a black acrylic paint. We also made some rough shapes of pine trees with this black acrylic paint. When the Gesso was dry, we would oil paint on top of that.

Starting with the sky and any clouds that we might need. Then we would paint in the background in this case the mountain. We decided not to paint to much detail on it as this as it would bring it forward in the painting,which we didn’t won’t. The next stage was to concentrate on the pine trees. Then the rocks and the waterfall, gradually painting the picture from the back to the front. The next stage was to put in the grass and the rocks, and of course the birch tree. Then we would have finished our painting.


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